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Patricia's Profile



Patricia graduated as a dietitian from the Dublin Colleague of Technology, where she started her career in the city, working as a dietitian in acute care hospitals and outpatient clinics.


Patricia has provided dietetic support to adults and children with a wide range of medical and health conditions, which included diabetes management, weight loss treatment, gastro-intestinal disorders, e.g. irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), coeliac disease and food intolerance.

Desire to work overseas became a reality when Patricia took up a position to work in the Middle East, where she worked for a number of years in various large hospital establishments, including government & private hospitals and a specialist rehabilitation centre.


Her work included providing a dietetic service as part of a multi-disciplinary team for children with rare metabolic disorders, in addition to other more common adult medical conditions, such as heart and liver disease, weight management, diabetes and renal conditions.

Whilst in the Middle East, Patricia worked as a department manager in a newly opened 500 bed hospital where she established the dietetic services, developing nutritional materials for patient treatments, and departmental protocols, including a training programme for local students studying nutrition and dietetics.


She contributed to the hospitals achievement for obtaining accreditation for ISO 9001 – Quality Management System.

Patricia has also obtained a diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) in 2018

Since returning to the UK in 2004, Patricia has been working for the NHS as a community paediatric dietitian. The role requires working with multi – agency services, providing nutritional assessments and dietetic management plans for children with complex neurological medical conditions as well as providing ongoing support to the families.

Patricia is committed to keeping abreast of current nutrition and dietetic knowledge through attending workshops and conferences. She works in a non-judgemental way and will assist and support her clients on every step of their journey.


  • British Dietetic Association (BDA)

  • Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC)

  • Practice – based Evidence in Nutrition (PEN)

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